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If You Suffer From Foot or Heel Pain in Florida, You Have Come to the Right Place!

If you have been forced to make sacrifices because the pain in your feet, heels, knees, or back has stopped you from doing the activities you once loved, you need help.

Foot damage and injuries in the Tampa Bay area are not uncommon. Whether you spend hours on your feet at work or for sport, or you have an injury that impacts your ability to walk, your lifestyle may suddenly become limited and not as enjoyable as it once was. Getting your life back to normal may be easier than you think.

Want more information about what is causing your pain? Dr. Bob Levine has put together a free guide for Florida foot pain sufferers. In it, you can get a better understanding of why your feet or heels hurt, or why your body aches, and what you can do to become pain-free.

A Tampa Bay Area Podiatrist Can Give You the Relief You Deserve

When you’re suffering because of an injury or misalignment in your foot or heel, the entire mechanics of your body will go out of alignment. This can lead to knee pain, back pain, hip pain, and more. When you find a resolution to this misalignment, the pains you feel from your feet to the rest of your body may also be solved.

When you visit Dr. Bob Levine at the Florida Biomechanics Group, you will be surprised at just how easy correcting the problems you are experiencing can be. Through many years of experience, we have found the lowest common denominator for resolving common aches and pains is from the ground up. Treating people of all ages and from all walks of life, we understand how each foot works.

  • The Woman’s Foot  For years woman have been told to wear the “right” shoes—comfortable and practical shoes. The reality is that some woman walk better in heels and some woman walk better in flats. The question is which range of shoes is right for you?
  • The Child’s Foot  Wearing shoes is not natural, but neither is walking on concrete. Learn how to make the right choices for your child and teenager.
  • The Diabetic Foot  A major concern for persons with diabetes is sores, infections, and the fear of amputation. Wearing the right shoes—with the correct support—directly addresses the reason why diabetics develop sores and infections in the first place. With simple changes, you can avoid ulcers and pain and improve the quality of your life.
  • The Working Foot  Walk right so you can work right! (Pun intended). The aches and pains you develop are a consequence of how you bend and twist to maintain your posture. Pain is not normal and is the way your body tells you it can't continue to do what you are doing. The solution often lies in a simple device that makes you walk, stand, and perform better in on the job. Efficiency of motion means that when you walk right, you work right. We can show you how.
  • The Active Foot  The feet of runners, triathletes, and sports participants take a beating every time they train. This can lead to aches and pains throughout the body, limiting your performance. We help you get the support you need to prevent running injuries in St. Petersburg. Your sports pain and injury problems may all be in your feet!

When you hit the wall, and pain in your feet, knees, hips, and back limit your ability to enjoy your sport and continue training, the all-too-common cause is often due to inefficient support in your feet. If your feet are not properly supported, the rest of your body goes out of alignment too. This means that your bones, joints, muscles, and tendons will be working much harder than they have to, and that is the major cause of strains and overuse injuries.

Aligned feet equals aligned body, which means better sports performance and faster recuperation. Our Total Contact Orthotic arch supports system helps to realign your entire body from the ground up. This proven technology makes your muscles and joints more efficient which in turn reduces wasted energy and premature muscle fatigue. We have used and developed this technology since 2005 after twenty years of caring for athletes just like you. We have helped many athletes get to the next level without pain and chronic injury. Call today for an appointment to evaluate your exact fitness needs and reach your fitness goals.

No matter which type of foot you have, there is a solution that will ease your pain—from your feet up throughout your body.

You don’t have to live with the painful feet any longer! Contact Dr. Bob Levine, our St. Petersburg podiatrist, to learn the simple switch that can transform the way you feel every step, everyday. Call 888.526.5974 to schedule your consultation today.

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