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Learn More About the Variety of Foot and Heel Pain St. Petersburg Podiatrist Dr. Bob Levine Can Treat

Every foot is different. We have the experience to treat foot ailments for a full range of patients, from children and athletes to workers and diabetics. Call to schedule a consultation with a Tampa area foot doctor.

The Childs FootThe Child’s Foot

In the past, children spent their playtime exercising on uneven ground. This uneven ground helped shape a child’s foot to become strong and healthy as their bones, tendons, and muscles developed. Now, with more children playing on concrete and other flat surfaces, the need for orthotics for children in St. Petersburg is stronger than ever. With help from a St. Petersburg podiatrist, your children can get the support they need to have pain-free, healthier feet.

The Womans FootThe Woman’s Foot

Women spend hours on their feet at work, at home and on the run. As a woman, if you have foot pain, heel pain, back pain, or more, your entire body may feel hurt and tired. Your answer is St. Petersburg orthotics that not only makes you feel great, but also look your best wherever you go.

The Active FootThe Active Foot

As an athlete, you put strain on your feet and joints every time you step foot in the gym or on the court. You take care to use proper form, stretch before and after workouts, and stay hydrated, but how well are you caring for the feet that support your body? Without the right amount of support, you could be hurting your feet, knees, and hips. If you want to perform better and enjoy your favorite activities without pain, help from a St. Petersburg foot and ankle doctor may be your answer.

The Working FootThe Working Foot

Working in a job that requires you to walk or stand for hours at a time can put tremendous stress on the small bones and tendons in your feet. This stress can lead to flat feet for Tampa Bay construction workers, or heel pain for St. Petersburg employees who never seem to be able to sit down. With help from a Tampa Bay podiatrist, you can put something between your feet and the ground to give you the support you need to feel better on and off the job.

The Diabetic FootThe Diabetic Foot

Diabetes is a disease that changes the way you live and your quality of life. When you are a person with diabetes, one of the hardest hit areas of your body is your feet. You may be left unable to walk and threatened with amputations. Treat the cause, not the symptom with help from a Tampa Bay podiatrist!